Feeling a little crazy

So….it’s been a while since I’ve posted. The last couple of months have been stressful and I am barely holding it together. So instead of a post talking about how I am incorporating healthy food in an effort to help Q, I am going to talk about me.

Last summer, I had terrible allergies and my panic attacks while driving came back with a vengeance. Given the fact that I am the primary driver now (Q has been unable to drive for 3 years now) and given the fact that we live at least 20 miles away from civilization, panic attacks while driving are a big hairy deal. It’s not like I can stop driving anywhere–even though I have reduced my driving quite a bit as a result.

Last Wednesday I was driving to town to get Q from adult care when the panic attacks hit. I had to pull over twice to calm myself down. I had absolutely no way to NOT go get him. And it made me cry. I wish I didn’t have to deal with these like I do. The one time I tried to take something for it (antianxiety), I nearly drove myself and my kids off the road after just one pill. When I called to ask wtf, I was nonchalantly told that suicidal thoughts are a common side effect. So I have been dealing with this–unmedicated–for more than a decade.

But now that I am CAREGIVER, I do not have the luxury (haha. like this is luxury in any way) to just deal with it. So, I’ve been searching for ways to deal with this naturally.

I have often felt that all of my allergy symptoms, the eczema, and the panic attacks are all related. I just didn’t know how.

Imagine my surprise when I found something that described so many of my symptoms–and provided a solution!

My symptoms right now include:

  • fatigue. this is nothing new but it does seem worse.
  • eczema. My eczema is getting so bad. The patches on my hands are so bad that it sometimes feels like my hands are tingly like they are falling asleep. I often wake up rubbing my hands together because they itch so much. Nothing is working to heal them.
  • hives. these are new.
  • my face gets numb around my lips and nose. I get this feeling when dusting (my hands get numb too) but I’m getting this feeling a lot now.
  • I think I’m now allergic to my fabric softener. I get the numb feeling around my lips and nose.
  • migraines are back. I had those under control for the most part for quite a while
  • panic/anxiety

So what is this cure I may have found? A low histamine diet. All of my symptoms are covered in this. Stress also makes histamine. Great. Like I can control the amount of stress in my life.

So….tomorrow I start this diet. I know it sounds a little crazy but I am desperate.

Here are some websites I found:

So…we’ll see how this diet goes and if it helps any. I am thankful coffee is on the approved list.


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