Alzheimer’s Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Squares

When I mentioned on Facebook a while ago that I used coconut oil to supplement Quinten’s diet with foods which have shown to improve symptoms, a friend mentioned that a friend of hers made “fudge” to help her mother.

We’ve recently made the decision to stop using the Axona after Quinten began complaining that it was burning his stomach. Since we have seen progression in his symptoms after adding the Axona, the doctor agreed that it would be a good decision to stop giving it to him. However, I still think coconut oil is a good idea so I’ve come back to the “fudge” idea again. I couldn’t remember what the proportions were so I did a Google search. I found the doctor who has been instrumental in researching treatments for her own husband who has Alzheimer’s and an article with recipes (I do not agree with a lot of what CBN puts out there but the recipe is easy to find).

In our quest to clean up our diet, I also wanted to make this recipe with the best possible ingredients I could afford.


I ordered the coconut oil from Amazon, but have also used coconut oil from Swanson Vitamins  as well. The chocolate is the chocolate I picked up from my co-op the other day. The brand is Alter Eco and I love that it is soy free and only contains 4 ingredients. It is expensive (I paid over $4 a bar the other day) but so, so worth it. Most dark chocolate makes me gag but not this one. I think it’s going to be my new chocolate bar to order in bulk. 🙂

The tray to the right of the chocolate is Wilton’s square chocolate mold. The mold is nice and flexible to get the squares out once they are solid.

Since I am using a chocolate bar instead of chocolate chips, I like to weigh the coconut oil to match the weight of the chocolate.


I am a perpetual dieter, so already have a food scale:


Place the chocolate (chopped) and the coconut oil in a saucepan and melt over low heat. While you are waiting for it to melt, grease the mold with coconut oil.


The coconut oil will melt before the chocolate. Keep on low and continue to stir until the entire mixture is smooth. The mixture will be a lot runnier than you think it should be but, I promise, it will work out.


It look me several tries to get that shot–it was that runny.

Quinten requested macadamia nuts this time, so I roasted 10 on a baking sheet at 350 degrees until the nuts are toasted (about 10 minutes). Once they are toasted, I roughly chopped them.

And divided them between the silicone squares

Pour the chocolate evenly among the silicone squares and carefully place in the freezer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the chocolate from the silicone. You will need to push each square out. The heat from your hands will easily melt the chocolate. Quickly place each chocolate in a freezer safe container and store in the freezer.

I give Quinten one of these after breakfast every morning to replace the shake (Axona) he was drinking. I’ve read that some people are also giving them to their loved ones another one in the afternoon to keep their levels steady. Since it does melt so fast, I have Quinten place the chocolate in a sandwich baggie to keep the chocolate from melting all over him.


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