Day 4

So far so good for the most part I think. The kids are complaining about the lack of food—but it’s really just the lack of junk food that they are missing. They can be found rummaging through the refrigerator and pantry often but when offered a piece of fruit or leftovers, they say they don’t want those. The girls, who are 15, have complained the loudest. They say teenagers are often like toddlers and I’ve experienced my fair share of tantrums and refusals to eat what is served for meals so far this week. {{Eyeroll}}.

I spent the weekend cooking. The girls have a 4-day school week so our Fridays count as part of our weekends. On Friday, I pressure cooked 2 stewing hens and used half of the broth for butternut squash soup. I used a variation of this recipe, blending the squash first and leaving the onions in pieces and adding in different spices.  I doubled (or tripled) the recipe. It was enough to feed us for dinner that night, lunch on Sunday, and individual portions for all seven of us which were placed in the freezer for another day. I used the meat from the chickens for sandwiches on Saturday. Since they were stewing hens, there was little meat.

While the squash was roasting, I made up some creamer for our coffees. Making homemade creamers was something I hadn’t thought of until I saw the idea on Pinterest. I loosely follow this recipe, using ¾ cup each of milk and cream (all organic), a little homemade vanilla (the rum bottle is actually vanilla), a pinch of sea salt, and 2 TB honey. The mixture fits into a pint-size mason jar.

Here are our meals and snacks for the last couple of days:

Day 2 (Friday)


Pancakes with coffee (extra pancakes were frozen).


Peanut butter and jelly with carrots


Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made with honey. We all thought the cookies were too sweet so I’m not going to link to the recipe. I will keep searching though.


Butternut Squash soup with biscuits

Day 3 (Saturday)


Pumpkin Pancakes (I used this recipe but skipped the cinnamon roll swirl. I’ve tried a lot of pumpkin pancake recipes and this one is by far the best—even without all of the sugar in the swirl. I doubled this recipe and used organic ingredients, subbing coconut oil for the canola oil, pumpkin pie spice suggestions at the bottom of the recipe but doubling the cinnamon, and maple syrup for the brown sugar. I’ve always had to add at least a quarter cup more milk to the batter to get them to turn out. I doubled this recipe and froze the rest)



Chicken salad sandwiches. Our mayo is awful but I am going to use it up instead of throwing it out and buying something organic.


Stir-fry using some of the round steak I picked up on Thursday. It was *awesome*! Usually round steak from the store is often like chewing shoe leather once it’s cooked but this one was nice and tender in the stir fry

White rice. I try to limit our consumption of rice products after news reports show that rice has high levels of arsenic in it. One report I read said that brown rice actually has higher levels of arsenic than white. I need to research it more but white rice is what I have on hand at the moment, so it’s getting used.


Chocolate chip cookies from the day before.

Day 4 (Sunday)


Eggs with bacon (Applegate farms) and a bit of the Kerrygold cheese I picked up from Sam’s Club. Coffee


Butternut squash soup with toast and homemade plum jam (contains sugar)


Veggie smoothie


Baked chicken with quinoa and green salad and an oil and vinegar dressing


Caramel Popcorn (recipe coming soon)


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  1. lkcook20

    The pumpkin pancakes sound delicious. I’ll have to try those:) I’ve also started to double everything and freeze the leftovers. Less cooking later!

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