Here We Go

Today is our first official day following the 100 Days of Read Food diet. As I’ve said before, it’s a diet I’ve done before at least halfheartedly. This time, however, I am trying to follow it completely, adding in foods specifically touted as helpful for Alzheimer’s, and do it on a Social Security (aka just above poverty level) budget. Complicating matters this week is my lack of a grocery budget (too many bills) and a very long list of needed items.

100 Days makes it work on a food stamps budget for a family of four (see 100 Days on a Budget) but, at least for me, it’s disappointing to see that their family is 2 adults and 2 little ones. It’s much harder to make the budget happen when you are feeding 7 adults. My budget for food will end up being $75/mo less than hers doubled (my food budget will be $315 a week and my total grocery budget, which includes paper products and such, will be around $400 a week. If you do the math, it’s a crazy high amount–or at least seems like that to me. But broken down by person, it’s $2.75/person/meal including paper goods). I also do not have access to large health food stores or farmer’s markets. Our farmer’s market only runs from July to the middle of October. However, I do have a health food store that allows me to do special orders. I plan to do the bulk of my shopping there. Since we are such a large family, buying cases of produce (or splitting them with others in the co-op) allows me to purchase organic produce for a decent price.  I am able to order chicken from a Hutterite colony in the northern part of the state. They come down every so often. I purchased $150 in chicken from them in October and still have quite a bit of that left. My November order will only contain a turkey. I am also purchasing local grass-fed beef from a ranch. I hope to be able to purchase a quarter of a beef in January. I will also be purchasing several things from Amazon.

I am finishing up my list and getting ready to head to town. Wish me luck!


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