Day 1

Today was our first day doing 100 Days of Real Food “Social Security style.” Since we were out of so many things, it’s been fairly easy to stick with a whole foods diet.



Breakfast was 2 soy-free organic eggs cooked in a little bacon fat and 1/2 an organic banana sprinkled with cinnamon. We also had 1 cup of coffee with grass-fed whole milk and a tiny bit of local honey.

After breakfast, I looked outside and saw this:

Yesterday we had gorgeous 70 degree weather and this morning we woke up with dense fog and drizzle. When I left the house, it was a whopping 41 degrees and didn’t warm up much until we were leaving town at 3:15pm this afternoon. It seems that my grocery shopping days often include foul weather. Whee!! Thankfully, it wasn’t icy.

Like a good girl, I packed our lunch so that we wouldn’t be tempted to eat in town.

Lunch today was 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich (Quinten had a whole) with honey on spelt bread and organic popcorn popped in coconut oil. The mason jars each have a tea bag in them, with back up tea bags behind them, and a thermos full of hot water on the left. The mason jar concept really needs a bit of tweaking–those puppies got hot!! I think I’m going to try to make coozies for them since I would much rather drink out of glass than plastic and loved being able to close it up.

Our first stop was Target. I needed a few toiletries and dog food and also picked up some organic peanut butter, a couple of packets of maple almond butter, a jar of organic spaghetti sauce (contains organic sugar), and a tiny bottle of maple syrup. I can’t find the receipt but it came to around $30 with a 5% coupon I had and the 5% Target debit card discount.


After Target, we went to Sam’s. Sam’s seems to be shrinking their organic offerings here. I ended up making two trips to Sam’s today because my spinach and kale order didn’t come in at the co-op. I ended up getting organic raspberries, organic carrots, mushrooms, grass-fed butter and cheese, and organic salad greens. I spent $37.65 here.

After Sam’s we went to the Dollar Store and picked up a drawer organizer for silverware. That trip was 3.18. We still had time to kill before meeting the person I ordered beef from so we went back to Target and ordered coffee and their Starbucks. Even before we decided to do this diet, I’d stopped ordering their sugar-laden “coffees” since you can’t even taste the coffee in them anymore. Quinten and I got brewed Thanksgiving blend coffees with a bit of half and half, no sugar. Total spent: $3.53

We sat there mostly in silence checking our emails and Facebook on our phones.

After Starbucks, we headed to the other side of town to meet the lady with our beef order. I am so happy to have found a place I can order grass-fed beef–especially hamburger. No more pink slime for us! Total beef order: $159.00

Are you getting tired yet? We were by this point. We had 3 more stops left after this, included that second Sam’s stop. After the beef we stopped at the health food co-op and picked up our special order along with a couple other items. We got 20 pounds butternut squash, 5 pounds bananas, 2 onions, 1 case grass-fed milk, 3 bottles grass-fed cream, 2 soda sized bottles sparkling water (we were thirsty!), 1 jar tomato paste, 1 jar fruit spread, and 2 bars dark chocolate. Total spent: 99.20

Our next to last stop was the bread store. Great Harvest Bread has terrific bread using the ingredients I used to use when I made bread for my family and the farmer’s market many years ago. I spent $22.79 here and brought home 1 loaf sourdough, 1 loaf white, and 2 loaves whole wheat.

My last stop was Sam’s for the box of organic salad greens. Not pictured are my Amazon orders. My orders were for toiletries, coconut oil, and organic kamut flour. I spent $46.41.

My goal was $400 for food and toiletries/paper goods. I spent $401.76. Not too bad. I just hope I’ve purchased enough to feed us for the week. Fingers crossed!

Dinner was cheeseburger pasta with hamburger, pasta, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut to sub for the pickles, cheese, and cream. It didn’t taste too bad but it sure wasn’t a pretty dish. We had this with the loaf of sourdough and butter.



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