I spent the weekend planning how I was going to make this switch to real food work. I’ve done it before, though maybe not as extreme, but it was with a more generous grocery allowance…or rather, I had little kids who didn’t eat so much and more flexibility in the budget. I am determined to make this work as best I can on our Social Security budget.

In order to make this *hopefully* work is to ask the boys to help. I hate that the boys are going to be asked to contribute but after careful planning, they will only be asked to contribute the amount that just covers their costs. I’ve shown them exactly where the money is going and just how bare-bones it is. In the long run, I do believe it will teach some good lessons for the boys. I reminded one kid who balked a little at being asked to help that it is only covering his costs but that he still gets someone who cooks it all for him. 😉

As of this weekend, we are completely out of sugar and non-organic flour. I have switched us to honey for sweetening and picked up a small bag of organic flour at Target. I made up a couple of muffin recipes for breakfast today and lunches a couple of days this week. I want to tweak them a bit before I post the recipes.


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