Whole30 fail

The title says it all: I failed my first Whole 30. After completing a whole week of super-strict paleo eating, I am forced to abandon my efforts. As a family whose main source of income is now Social Security due to Quinten’s disability, I simply cannot afford to do a whole 30 days of super-strict paleo. It simply isn’t possible and my nearly bare refrigerator testifies to that. The fact that I still have a week before I am able to shop again means that I will have to add in whole grains to our diet in order to keep my kids full. We won’t starve, but it certainly won’t be paleo.

I’m disappointed but it is what it is. I am happy with the 5 pound weight loss and I hope that I’ll be able to do another 7 days of Whole30 soon. Maybe a week of Whole30 every month will be better for the budget than doing a whole 30 Whole30.

It is likely that I would have had to quit Whole30 anyway. For the last 3 days, I’ve been in a horrible brain fog and found it increasingly difficult to care for Quinten and the rest of the family. I couldn’t sleep and was tired for the entire day. I didn’t have enough energy to do much of anything during the day and the last fully compliant day was spent with constant anxiety attacks, extreme brain fog/buzzing in my head, and what must have been what hot flashes feel like along with waves of nausea. I think most of the symptoms were probably due to not eating enough but we’ll see the next time I try this.

Even though I wasn’t able to complete a Whole30, I did learn some things. The biggest was just how much we relied on junk food for snacks and just how much my girls were addicted to snacking instead of filling up during meals. I also learned how much sugar was in our diet prior to this. I hope to keep sugar out and change the kids’ snacking habits as a result.


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