Days 1-6


I started the whole family on the Whole30 program on the first. We’re doing okay with it, though the kids haven’t been 100% compliant (are they ever? hehe).

Prior to starting, I was dreading black coffee the most.

I’ve mostly gotten used to it, though I still miss cream and honey. It’s a really good thing, I buy good coffee. My morning routine for years–even before Quinten came home fulltime–was to shower, turn on the computer, make coffee, and then enjoy my coffee while catching up on the news, Facebook, and my email. One thing that I’ve learned is that without the cream and honey, I simply cannot push breakfast off until after I’ve had coffee. I get too hungry and start to get dizzy if I try.

Breakfasts have mostly been the same:

The first couple of days, eggs and fruit were on the menu but by the 3rd day, fruit didn’t sound all that great for breakfast so I subbed half a cooked sweet potato for the fruit. Some of my kids hate sweet potatoes and will gladly skip them and still be hungry than eat one so I have had cooked sweet potatoes in the fridge. Bonus for me (they’re teens and older–they are perfectly capable of finding other food if they truly were too hungry).

Today, after pleas from my girls, I made paleo pancakes with safe ingredients. Even though they were “safe”, they made me feel horrible. I’m trying to figure out what exactly made me feel so awful but one thing’s for sure–I am NOT eating those again. I may make them for the girls, but I’ll make myself something else.

Several times this week, I had to make trips to town right around lunch time or be in town for hours. My solution was this:

The thermos contains ice water and was so great to have in the car in 100-degree weather. The jerky also provided enough protein that I wasn’t tempted by something I shouldn’t have or get dizzy. I love the jerky. It’s soft enough that I don’t feel that I am going to break my teeth and the ingredients are real food.

I am struggling with lunches. My kids want PBJs and Doritos and are loudly protesting. I have such a hard time coming up with something for lunch each day. Today, they hated my go-to hamburger/spinach/onion/mushroom combo that’s quick and easy. I may try plain hamburgers tomorrow.

One of the rules for Whole30 is to put the scale away for the entire 30 days. I’ve cheated on that a bit. I did weigh myself and I’m down 5.4 pounds so far and have lost and inch and a half in my belly. I am so excited about the pounds lost! I have so much to lose but this is such a good start!



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