Grocery shopping

It’s been surface o’ the sun hot here this week with temps over 100. I miss the years where “breaking 100” was a big news story. My baby air conditioners are working hard to cool the house off but by the evening it is HOT in the house.

To go along with the sucky weather, none of my plans have worked out like I’d hoped. As a result, there is no menu plan this week. Despite that fact, I still needed to go shopping.


My first stop was Sam’s. For fruits and veggies left in the house, I had some peaches, green beans, and beets my mom canned and brought to me when she was here in May and some shriveled up apples. Sam’s was a necessity.

I felt so much better about things once my fridge was once again full.

Because it’s been over 100 degrees and I’m half an hour from the nearest grocery store, I shopped at Sam’s then drove my precious produce home. The next two days were also spent driving to town to pick up Target items (day 2) and other grocery items which couldn’t be purchased at Sam’s (day 3).

Yesterday was day 3 of my marathon grocery shopping trip but before we started on that, we *finally* took our oldest son out to lunch to celebrate his graduation from votech.

He graduated in May but then the following weekend, our youngest son graduated from high school and we had family here for the next week. After that, I had to prepare to do my internship. Internship and more craziness occupied June. I feel so bad that he had to wait for 2 months.

He chose to go to Longhorn Steakhouse.  I’ve only eaten there once before and quickly learned that I hate their mayonnaise-laden Caesar salad. It’s seriously the nastiest Caesar I’ve ever had. This time, however, I had their steak and bleu salad which was really good. The guys had sandwiches and seemed to like them. I especially enjoyed talking to my son about the two interviews he had this week. As an Aspie, he struggles with communication and interviews don’t seem to go as well as he wanted. We definitely are keeping our fingers crossed for him to get one of these jobs. They provide benefits which is something that he definitely needs. I am so proud of him for the determination he’s shown in looking for a job.

After we had lunch, we finished up our grocery shopping for the day. I picked up my co-op order of free range chicken, smoked salmon, and sauerkraut, threw that in the cooler and stopped by the hardware store to order roofing materials. I am *positive* the clerks who deal with me making these types of decisions now just love me. I hope I got everything we need and I hope that I am not placing too much on my boys in asking them (along with some of their friends) to reroof my house.

I dropped my son and the co-op order off at the house and got back into the car to do the final grocery shopping. My plan had been to grab a couple of rotisserie chickens from the store but when we got there, there was one nasty-looking chicken in the warmer. Plan B was gluten-free chicken hot dogs. With the hot dogs, I served a feta and spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette. The pic will have to do for now until I can get the recipe typed up.


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