It’s about time…

So…..I started this blog right before my youngest son’s graduation in May and had planned to get serious about Paleo right after. It’s now July. Sigh. Since Sunday, though, I’ve done pretty well sticking to the new diet. We still have dairy in our diets and I don’t plan to remove it for a while–the kids have reluctantly joined me in my other diets and still have not forgiven me for taking the whole family on a vegan trip (and I GAINED 30 pounds!!) and have requested that I keep the milk. So I am.

I’ve also started exercising. I’d say again….but that really isn’t the truth. I’ve never liked exercising and most of my adult life has been spent avoiding it. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that….I am grossly out of shape and, now that I’ve turned 42 and have a TON of weight to lose, I am desperate.

I’ve read a couple of books on the Paleo diet and lifestyle and hope to incorporate as many of the fitness suggestions as much as I can at home. Right now, I figure I have enough weight of my own to schlep around that I’ll be good for a while. I’ve been doing push ups, crunches, squats, Tai Chi, and planks for the past week with a whole lot of consistency. I am thrilled with that. I’m only tracking my weight and stomach measurements right now. Even though I can only do a few of each, I am improving each day, my muscles are sore and I’m losing both weight and inches.

Breakfasts have been fairly easy:

Paleo granola with unsweetened coconut milk (the kind that comes in the carton)

 Egg cups with blueberries

Desserts have been the hardest. I’ve given up sugar–except for the amount in the chocolate chips–and I didn’t realize just how many nights we’ve had desserts. My solution has been chocolate chips:

It’s a good thing I buy chocolate chips in bulk from Sam’s. And it’s the one dessert that doesn’t tempt me continually.

Since our grocery budget was very, very small this time, dinners have been a challenge and not always Paleo. It’s okay. I’ve given up the gluten again and our dinners ARE gluten-free. They’ve contained a fair amount of potatoes. As a former Idaho girl, I know how to make potatoes. 🙂

Tonight, I am cooking bacon in the oven and will use the bacon grease and chopped bacon to use with cabbage. I am also baking sweet potatoes in the oven. I normally avoid aluminum (post yet to come on the reasons why) but since the sweet potatoes are in their skins and we won’t be eating them, I thought it was okay. We’ll have the cabbage with the sweet potatoes and some grilled chicken breast.



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