Menu Plan 3


I survived my week of internship and the craziness that went with it, which explains my silence. I’m home again and ready to plan another menu. This one includes 16 days and my budget is really, really (REALLY) small. I’m hoping to make it within budget using what’s in the freezer and pantry. I haven’t actually made the grocery list yet so there may be changes, but I *hate* making these plans and am not about to waste this one in the event I’m over budget.


  • 6 days Egg Cups. I posted a link in my other menu plans but I’ve tweaked the recipe and I really like it better. I’ll post a recipe soon.
  • 3 days eggs
  • 3 days Paleo granola and milk/coconut milk
  • 2 days Pumpkin smoothie
  • 3 days green smoothie


  • 3 days ground beef, spinach, mushrooms, grapes
  • 3 days chicken and apple salad
  • 3 days chicken salad
  • 2 days cucumber sandwiches, sausages, egg salad
  • Ham slices, cherry tomatoes, dill pickles, apples with nut butter
  • Salami, cherry tomatoes, carrots, blueberries
  • 2 days Gyro salad


  • 3 days grilled chicken and roasted veggies
  • 2 days hamburgers and roasted potatoes
  • 3 days salmon nicoise
  • 2 days taco salad
  • 2 days steak, potatoes, green beans
  • 2 days green chile sliders and salad
  • 2 days leftovers




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