Sugar and health

One of my goals this summer is to get sugar out of our lives for good. As my drug of choice, it has a way of working its way back into our lives and taking over.

Here are several articles which talk about the detrimental effects of sugar in the diet:

MSNBC Article:

Prepping for a big presentation but can’t seem to remember any of the content? Blame your sweet tooth.

A diet high in sugar may hamper your memory and ability to learn, says a study published in the Journal of Physiology. LINK Article:

Studies have shown that elderly individuals who consume a healthy diet are less likely to suffer symptoms of dementia as they age.

Avoiding sugars and grains, and being mindful of eating foods that do not cause major spikes in your glucose levels, is very important if you want to optimize your health and maintain optimal brain function, regardless of your age.

In fact, insulin resistance and diabetes significantly increase your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, which is why the dietary strategies that protect your brain are very similar to those for avoiding diabetes. LINK

Another Article

Human genes remember a sugar hit for two weeks. What’s more, prolonged poor eating habits could be capable of permanently altering your DNA. LINK

NYTimes Article:

Spikes in blood sugar can take a toll on memory by affecting the dentate gyrus, an area of the brain within the hippocampus that helps form memories, a new study reports. LINK


Millions of older adults suffer from significant memory loss, despite the lack of a diagnosis of dementia-causing disease. This memory loss can lead to a significant decline in quality of life and often remains undiagnosed and untreated. Recently, however, scientists have begun to study the role of glucose regulation in cognitive enhancement of adults. Cognitive function and short-term memory retrieval in middle-aged and older adults may now be linked to blood sugar levels. LINK

And a final article from WebMD:

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels as we age may protect against more than diabetes. It may also help prevent age-related memory loss, a new study shows.

Using high-resolution brain imaging, researchers showed that rising blood sugar levels selectively target a key area of the brain linked to memory decline. LINK

Wish us luck as we work to remove sugar from our diet. I know it’s imperative that we do, I just haven’t been too successful in the past. Maybe if I keep reading these and the bazillion other articles out there, it will sink in.


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