Last Night’s Dinner

IMAG0296 by lmh89

My pictures suck. And I think until I graduate (six classes left), they will continue to suck. It’s just so much easier to snap a pic with my phone than it is to drag out the good camera.

Anyway, in the sucky picture above, you can see the dinner I set aside for Randall after he got home from work. This is also what the rest of us had but pics of dinner on a paper plate are even uglier. When one of the kids isn’t home, I have to put dinner aside for them or it is very likely that Quinten won’t remember that I told him someone hadn’t eaten yet and the poor kid ends up with PBJs or something equally as awful.

The green blob in the picture (see? I told you my pics sucked! Green blob definitely isn’t appetizing) is sautéed spinach. I sautéed it in a little coconut oil. I forgot to add the soy sauce like I normally do but I still liked the spinach.

The orange strips were my attempt at sweet potato noodles. I saw the idea somewhere but can’t remember exactly where. I peeled them and sliced them thinly with the mandolin and then they were cut into noodle-width strips. I then dunked them into boiling water until the water returned to boiling, drained them, and then threw them into a butter-coated pan and coated the noodles with the butter. They weren’t bad but definitely not a noodle texture. I will have to find the source of that idea to see what I was really supposed to do. Kayleigh thought they were carrots and took a big mouthful before discovering her mistake. giggle.

The meatballs, however, were awesome. I based my recipe on this one (scroll down to the meatball recipe) but decided to change up the flavors to go with the guacamole that I’d made. I doubled the amount of meat since I’m cooking for an army every day, doubled the onion and garlic, omitted the egg, spices, and tomato paste. Instead, I added 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp salt, and 1 tsp cumin, and about 1/4 cup bottle lemon juice (I’m out of the fresh). I shaped them into golf ball sized meatballs and popped them into the oven for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

The link I provided above is to Nom Nom Paleo’s blog. If you haven’t visited her blog before, I highly recommend it. It is my *very favorite* Paleo blog and every recipe I’ve tried has been terrific. In fact, many of the recipes I plan to try this next pay period are coming from her blog. 🙂


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