I read. A lot. Right now most of my reading is directed toward finishing my degree but I can also be found reading anything I can get my hands on regarding health and diet. One of these days all of this knowledge is going to pay off. ;o)

My goal for this summer is to completely clean up our diets and begin to incorporate what I’ve learned. I read something somewhere that said that it is more important to eat organic meat than it is to eat organic produce since the toxins in the meat accumulate in the fat. I’ve also read that grass-fed meat is better for people with Alzheimer’s. I’ll look for the source for that information and post it soon. In the meantime, I found this article this morning and it’s another reason to add to the ever-growing list of reasons to avoid commercially produced meat.


“MRSA is among a growing number of bacterial strains that are highly resistant to antibiotics and are very difficult to treat when they cause serious infections. According to infectious disease experts, the increase in the number of superbugs over the past three decades comes from the overuse of antibiotics — not only in humans  but also in farm animals. All told, livestock consume nearly 25 million pounds of antibiotics versus the 3 million pounds used in humans each year, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.”

Reading that makes me even more thankful that my mom and dad are bringing me 1/4 of an organic beef when they visit this week. They have been so terrific. They truly love Quinten and want to do what they can to help him fight this disease for as long as he can.


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